Interactive Mining

Remove This

Team ZomB Presents: “Remove This” is a first of its kind, top down, hybrid, interactive mining experience. The game serves as a playable, fun, easy to access, mining platform created to change the way crypto currency and token mining is utilized by participating miners. We wanted to give people, who normally could be intimidated or skeptical of conventional algorithm mining practices, the ability to mine Kudoken through use of an interactive platform. The goal is to be easy to use, available to a broad demographic of users, and enticing to the casual crypto miner. At the time of Kudoken deployment, “Remove This” is currently in development stage and already showing spectacular promise with the interfacing, character creation, animation, and game mechanics completed. Post launch, Q4 introduces Auto Mining to allow miners to keep earning while they are away from the game, and to keep the token supply circulating into the ecosystem. Remove This project goals, timelines, and milestone updates can be tracked on the Kudoken Main page blog, the “Remove This” github, and through the independent blog for the game. Join the Kudoken Discord “Remove This” thread to participate in the conversation, help with game bugs, and continue the conversation for all things game related.


“Remove This” is a wave-based survival game that continues to increase in difficulty as you get further in the game. The only goal is survival, as you collect power ups, loot drops, Planet Shock Amulets, and crush rounds to earn rewards of Kudoken in game! At Beta the game will consist of 100 rounds with periodic RND drops, as well as set allocation rewards for completing both in game, and overall statistic achievements. After you complete a wave of enemies, there is time to regroup and pickup items.

Character Development

The characters in “Remove This” are tied directly to the continued folklore of the game and will continue as the franchise progresses. Your discovery has only just begun as you interact with Alaskan, Stephin, and Phoenix for the initial quest for survival. You will learn a bit about Astro-X the mission that started it all, and if you can progress through “Guns & Aliens” you will find out where the team is headed next.