Frequently Asked Questions

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Kudoken Token will make its initial public release onto Uniswap Exchange.
We Recommend Meta Mask Wallet, or any other approved ERC-20 mainnet wallet.
After the initiation period, services will open up both for in-store and online purchase of both digital & physical products.
Yes, Kudoken has the ability to be broken down to buy partial shares. The exchange your purchasing from will determine the minimum amount you can buy as well as partial shares options.
The minimum requirement for investment is determined by the exchange. You will want to realize Kudoken and all other crypto currencies currently are considered high risk investments. This includes stable coins and all exchange environments no matter what their stature. Kudoken team recommends speaking with an investment professional before making any investment decisions, and only using money that you can afford to lose if your investment strategy doesn't go as you planned.

Not at the moment, though we are not opposed to it. We would like to give layer 2 solutions the benefit of the doubt and are currently selecting a layer 2 option that fits the versatility and needs of our community and business partners.
Yes, we are currently looking into layer 2 solutions and have narrowed down a number of interesting candidates. We are currently working with our developer and will be making a decision soon on which layer 2 solution will work best for our community and business partners.
Yes, we have submitted to a third-party testing authority and will post the results on our github, submit them to file on etherscan, and post on the website for investor and business relations use.
Q4 will begin our development of staking for investment and liquidity emulsification. Q3 will begin the development for staking governance in order to participate in our voting and decision making for partner selection, and philanthropy actions.

Q3 will begin the development of multiplayer and matchmaking interactive mining. After which, we will phase rollout the multiplayer first, then work into the matchmaking aspect to end the rollout.
Q3 will begin the development of the character customization, and development of in game customization rewards. This will also start the development of our in-game character store to purchase tiered customization items with your kudoken tokens.
Not at the moment. Q3 will start the development of the in-game character customization store accepting kudoken for in game cosmetic items.
You will need to create a wallet to store your tokens in once you have received them from the game. We recommend Meta Mask wallet for cloud based online token storage, and ledger for offline cold storage.